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What Can We Do About Sacramento’s

Land-use Power Grab?

Answer:  Get Mad and Vote Accordingly

Economist Michael Barnes is exposing the false "housing crisis" narrative perpetuated by the state, YIMBYs, and their elected allies - see Michael's presentation. This misleading narrative is being used to justify the state's overreach into local zoning, particularly in Charter cities like San Francisco that are supposed to be independent of such state incursions.

Residents must understand the positions and track records of mayoral candidates. Who will defend our neighborhoods and reject the misleading YIMBY narrative promoted by the state and embraced by the current administration?  Consider who the YIMBYs attack most—that might indicate who will truly fight for our neighborhoods.

Additional Information

1) The most interesting land-use economist on the planet, Cameron Murray. His 20-minute presentation is worth watching. In the link below, Cam's talk starts at 12:00:


2) San Diego County Council of Governments BLASTING Deputy Director of HCD Housing Policy Development Megan Kirkeby, about the RHNA process (via Zoom). Lesa Heenber, the Mayor of Solana Beach, starts with a strong statement, followed by many other San Diego County mayors, who also express their extreme frustration.Their RHNA midpoint is June 2025, just one year away, and they are facing losing control of multifamily housing project approvals at that time. Start with Heebner's comments at 45:30:


3) How RHNA became a scam, and how it affects the Coastal Zone:

4) Report: Playing the Housing Numbers Game.  How California’s sixth RHNA cycle was rigged and Implications for the Coastal Zone:

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