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Unite with San Francisco Neighborhood Organizations to Challenge Extreme and Unnecessary Height and Density Increases that Fail to Solve the Affordable Housing Shortage


Addressing affordable housing is a complex challenge that demands precise, considerate solutions employing the best practices of urban planning (see ideas). Resorting to sweeping height increases (upzoning) and redevelopment that will irrevocably transform and needlessly gentrify San Francisco will not provide the affordable housing units the city needs. Join us in safeguarding our community's character and quality of life from the encroachment of towering luxury condos and protecting our existing rent-controlled housing stock. <read more>

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Height Increase Map

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Click to View Interactive Upzoning Map:
See How Your Neighborhood Is Impacted

The majority of these are examples of single-lots, but they underscore the potential consequences if broader sections of these upzoned corridors utilize the new height limits.

Examples of Height Increase Plans

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